Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)

Wha80868bc1e623dabe5e81ef3458fb8f58t is a PNC?

According to the PC USA publication, On Calling a Pastor, the Pastor Nominating Committee’s (PNC) responsibilities include:

  • Completing the congregation’s Ministry Information Form (MIF) and submitting it to session and presbytery for approval;
  • Entering the approved MIF online with Church Leadership Connection (CLC);
  • Receiving, reading, and evaluating Personal Information Forms (PIF) in a spirit of prayerful openness to the movement of God’s Spirit;
  • Regularly providing reports to the congregation on the pastoral search progress;
  • Narrowing the field of prospective pastors through listening to sermons, reference checking (by both the PNC and the presbytery), and phone or video conference interviews—all while sharing, listening, and praying together;
  • Interviewing face-to-face the “short list” of prospective pastors, providing for a welcoming and hospitable visit to your church community;
  • Arranging with the presbytery for the necessary examinations and approvals of your finalists;
  • Selecting one nominee to present to the congregation and negotiating the terms of call;
  • Obtaining presbytery approval of the call;
  • Presenting the nominee to the congregation for its vote;
  • Following the affirmative vote of the congregation, signing the pastoral terms of call for the new pastor;
  • Notifying Church Leadership Connection (CLC) when a call has been extended and accepted.

Useful Resources

Transitional Leadership Report– published July 2016

Who is on the PNC Committee?

On Calling a Pastor

Committee Members


Standing, left to right:  Bill Klingeman, Sandy Jones-Croxton, Debra Ruehlman, Ken Hamilton, Jill Moorman (COM Representative)

Seated, left to right:  Theo Tucker, Tari Anderson, Linda Ulrey, Bill Ryan