Care: Members, Friends & Community

MWPC cares for members, friends, and community with the help of the Deacons and other related groups who serve those in need.

The Care Team Ministry works through its four committees–Membership, Congregational Care, Fellowship, and Small Groups and regularly enlists help from across MWPC to accomplish their work. Contact: Rev. Junie Ewing

Membership Committee

Classes for Prospective New Members
Offered several times each year for those who want to learn about what is involved in joining the church. Classes help people to learn about Presbyterian polity and practices, MWPC ministries and  staff, and ways to become active in the church. The sub-committee is planning to enlist ‘shepherds’ for those who elect to become new members. For more information on attending the  class, being a shepherd, or assisting in the class, email

Community Events
The membership sub-committee works to engage others in our wider community (Mt. Washington and Anderson) by having a presence at events such as Anderson Days. For such things we team with the Attract Team.

Welcoming Visitors
Every Sunday after worship the Care Ministry usher greets new visitors with a smile at the “Welcome Center” near the sanctuary, gives them a MWPC water bottle, gets their contact information and helps them find their way around our church and our ministries. In addition, the membership committee will provide an entry point into church activities for repeat visitors or those expressing interest in future membership.

Membership and Attendance Data
The membership committee regularly reviews attendance and membership data to identify trends and take actions to retain current membership rolls. Committee members contact those who have been absent from church services or events to personally invite them to join in worship or other church activities.

Congregational Care Committee

Cooks on Call
Providing meals for member families in times of need such as illness and bereavement. If you need assistance or want to prepare food to share, contact: Cooks on Call

Health Ministry
The Health Ministry team works to educate, offer screening services such as blood pressure clinics, and other health related workshops to church members and friends. Contact: Health Ministry

Extended Communion
We bring communion to our home bound members. Download the  Extended Communion Order of Worship .

Card Ministry
Keep in touch with those who are ill or grieving with a simple card and note to let our extended church family know we care about and pray for them.

Care Connections Ministry (CCM)
The “Care Connections Ministry” (CCM) involves training and empowering interested church members to make regular contact with members of the church who are unable to attend worship. We want all our members to know they are missed and that we care about and pray for them. The trained visitor offers a listening ear, a visit or a call, a card or a note on a regular monthly basis. If you are interested in being visited, or in visiting others, please contact

We offer transportation services for church members by church members to church events. Contact if you need or can to provide a ride to other members.


Annual Chili Challenge
This Fall event gives MWPC the opportunity to make and share chili recipes made by members and guests willing to step up to the challenge!

Monthly Events:  Movie Night, Line Dancing, and more
Throughout the year, the Fellowship Committee will hold events of all types like movie nights for the family, date nights for adults and themed parties for the congregation to enjoy.

Small Groups

The small groups subcommittee helps identify and organize new activities of interest to church members.  For more information on small group activities, contact:  MWPC Office

Current groups include:

  • Card making/Watercolor
  • Health/Wellness
  • Meditation
  • Library Committee
  • and many more…

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers offer care and support for people facing difficult times. Although they aren’t licensed therapists or counselors, Stephen Ministry volunteers complete extensive training that enables them to provide confidential, competent and compassionate support and serve as an extension of the MWPC Pastoral staff. More details here